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Ask An Earth and Space Scientist continues to be free to the public with the help of our volunteers and supporters. Please consider supporting the program by making a gift to the ASU Foundation.
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Here are some of the ways we use funds donated to the project.


At Ask An Earth and Space Scientist, we believe that pictures help tell the story when words are not enough.

Games & Simulations

Games and simulations can be powerful learning tools. As Ask An Earth and Space Scientist continues to grow, we hope to add activities and games that teach through play and and interactive engagement.


Ask An Earth and Space Scientist continues to build content that can be used inside as well as outside of the classroom. The best way to create activities that teachers can use is to enlist creative teachers to work with us as we build activities. Funds donated to Ask An Earth and Space Scientist may be used for teachers’ stipends to develop classroom activities based on our content.


Central to the success of Ask An Earth and Space Scientist are the programmers and developers who work behind the scenes on the website. Without funding to develop and maintain the website we would not have a place to distribute all the great content.


Your gift may be considered a charitable contribution. All funds will be deposited with the ASU Foundation, a separate non-profit organization that benefits ASU. Please consult with your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of charitable contributions.

Thank you for helping us reach children by sharing some intriguing aspects of earth and space science and shaping their future education about our universe!
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Be part of Ask An Earth and Space Scientist

By volunteering, or simply sending us feedback on the site. Scientists, teachers, writers, illustrators, and translators are all important to the program. If you are interested in helping with the website we have a volunteers page to get the process started.

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