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Why do we study volcanoes on other planets?

Written by: Sean Peters

Volcanoes are found on other planets and moons across the solar system.  The lava they erupt provides information on how other planets and moons formed.

Looking into a shaft of Goldfield mine in Arizona

While understanding how rocks form is important, certain rocks, minerals, and ores have uses in everyday life. Gold in jewelry, lithium for batteries, and copper for piping are just some examples of the uses of natural materials.

What are asteroids?

Written by: Steven Dibb

When people think of objects in the solar system, they might think about planets first. But there are so many other objects in space to explore.

ASU geologist Christy Till

Watch Christy Till's talk about magma and being a geologist.

hawke grotrian crater
The planets and moons of our solar system often show the scars of impacts that are millions of years old. Thanks to scientists, including those at Arizona State University, we can get amazing pictures of these craters on the moon using a special camera in orbit.
NASA picture of Jupiter

Take a trip around the surface of Jupiter with NASA's Juno spacecraft.

What are galaxies?

Written by: J’Neil Cottle

There are millions of galaxies in our Universe. How do we organize them so that we can compare them to each other and learn new things?

How long have humans explored space?

Written by: Steven Dibb

Space exploration is an adventure unlike anything else. Discover the history and future of humans in space to learn how you could be a part of it.

Lindy Elkins-Tanton, ASU researcher

Watch Lindy Elkins-Tanton discuss the potential exploration of the asteroid Psyche.

Meteoroids or meteorites?

Written by: Soumya Ray, Zachary Torrano

Meteorites are rocks from space, often from asteroids, Mars, or even the Moon. Join us on a journey through space and time, as we explore meteorites.


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