• Ode to Oxygen

    Today, the air we breathe has lots of oxygen – over 20 percent! But that wasn’t always the case.

Ask An Earth and Space Scientist

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Types of galaxies

There are millions of galaxies in our Universe. How do we organize them so that we can compare them to each other and learn new things?

What are comets?

When people think of objects in the solar system, they might think about planets first. But there are so many other objects in space to explore.

Rough and Smooth Lava

The surface of lava can appear smooth, rough, jagged, and sometimes like a pile of construction rubble. What are the stories behind these surface features and how did they form?

Meteorite vs asteroid

Meteorites are rocks from space, often from asteroids, Mars, or even the Moon. Join us on a journey through space and time, as we explore meteorites.